Meet the 2015 Panama team: Daley Kappenman

Photo 3-1Daley Kappenman, Atlanta, GA

 Originally from Alabama, this is Daley's third adventure with Bluebird. She dances with the Proia Dance Project and teaches at several metro-Atlanta studios. Daley's been a vital player in our journey and we're honored to have her on the team.

Daley 1

What's currently playing on your iPod?  Shut Up and Dance! by Walk the Moon. 

Favorite role so far? My favorite piece I’ve ever performed was my senior solo of my undergraduate degree. It was choreographed on me by a friend and really became a personal offering.


What advice do you have for younger dancers? My advice to young dancers would be to absorb everything – be a sponge! Take your corrections seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously. If you love dancing, enjoy it!

Craziest costume you had to wear? The craziest costume I’ve ever had to wear was a hula skirt around my knees to look like a broomstick! 

  "I started dancing because of how much I love it, but what will sustain me in it is not just that joy and challenge but how much can be said and done through dance."

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