Creating environments where artists are free and confident in who they are while integrating technique and artistry.

Join Bluebird Uncaged, Magnum Opus & Saving Grace Dance Ensemble for an inspiring collaborative virtual weekend workshop!

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Livestream Class with Rebekah Diaddigo!

Join us Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am EST in June for a class via Zoom! Contact us for the link to an at home ballet class geared towards intermediate/advanced dancers. These classes are also archived on YouTube for future reference.


Audition for Sterling’s Path!

We’re looking for dancers ages 10&up with a minimum of two years ballet training!

Sterling’s Path is an original fairytale of hope told through dance, multimedia, and spoken word.

Join us for a workshop experience over the course of several weekends culminating in performances November 13-15, 2020

Dancers will enjoy:

  • professional performance experience
  • positive community with other dancers
  • master classes + Q&A with Bluebird dancers


$125 Production fee

Audition for ages 10&up: TBD

Rehearsals: TBD

Direct any questions to Rebekah Diaddigo —

Note: Please take into consideration your commitments to your home studio and give them priority. This opportunity is simply meant to be a supplemental experience of being in a professional production and should, in no way, replace what your home studio already offers. 


Want to host a Bluebird workshop? 

Bluebird workshops are geared toward intermediate/advanced students ages 11+ and include classes in ballet, contemporary and choreography. Using a mentoring/coaching approach we encourage artists to communicate their story while pursuing excellence in technique.

The goal of a Bluebird workshop is to:

  • Coach artists to find freedome in their identity and communicate their story
  • Integrate technique and artistry
  • Encourage the next generation to use art for the greater good

When organizing a workshop, Bluebird seeks to partner with the host studio to create an experience that is profitable for everyone while fostering unity in the local dance community.

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