Artist Development

“Dance is what we do, it’s not who we are; a gift we’ve been given. May this next generation of dancers step boldly into the dreams God has for them as they steward this gift to communicate Hope and Truth”
~Rebekah Diaddigo

We equip Jesus ambassadors to the dance world who are:

confident in calling
be coached to discover your identity in Christ so that you may carry this humble confidence into your artistry and find purpose + passion in your dancing.

excellent in technique
In addition to taking class from the Bluebird Uncaged team, we’ll also offer classes with guest teachers. Dancers will gain performance experience through our annual, Sterling’s Path production and other opportunities.

equipped to engage
Art shapes culture and we are called to use our gifts in a way that glorifies, honors, and reflects our Maker so that He might draw others into His story. Dancers may be provided with supplemental readings and video lectures, to discover the role of art throughout history and develop an understanding of how to use unique skills to engage culture. 

sent to proclaim
Dancers will be encouraged to engage those in their sphere of influence with the gospel and be given practical tools as to how to do this. Dancers may also have the opportunity to serve alongside the Bluebird Uncaged team during outreach events. 

Current Offerings:

The Bluebird Jr. Artist Development program is for dancers 12-17 who are currently enrolled in an evening training program.

Mondays and Wednesdays 1pm-3pm in the Cumming, GA area.

These classes are purchased in class card batches so as to give the student and their family the most freedom and flexibility for scheduling. There is no obligation to make a year-long commitment, students can come as frequently as they desire, and can jump in or take a break at any time.

Competition coaching and choreography is also available for students who desire to gain solo performance experience and hone their technique through focused study of a classical variation and/or contemporary piece. Our team will coach students through the competition process with an emphasis on keeping the right perspective and being confident in the dancer God created them to be.

Contact us pricing and registration.

Please note: Bluebird Uncaged classes are not meant to be an exhaustive training program but are simply a supplement to what the student is already receiving. All students should be in clear communication with their directors and teachers about all the classes they are taking. The student’s teachers are also welcome to be in contact with the Bluebird team to coordinate goals/corrections and we will do our best to collaborate in developing a training program.

Uncaged Workshops