Meet the 2015 Panama team: Jessica Guda

Bw5x7 079Jessica Guda, Atlanta, GA

This is Jessica's second project with Bluebird. You might recognize her from the Breaking Free video. She's danced with the Atlanta Ballet and spent a year at LINES. Currently she's finishing up her Bachelor's at Georgia State University and we're thrilled she chose to adventure with us instead of spending the summer abroad.



Why do you want to go to Panama with Bluebird: uncaged? Because it scares the crap out of me….Each part of this trip fulfills a different passion of mine that I have allowed to grow dormant because of fear.  This trip gives me an opportunity to embrace those passions.  


What advice do you have for younger dancers? Enjoy the feeling of dance.  Bring your true and vulnerable self to the studio every single day and learn to work with the person that you are in the mirror, not the one you wish was there.  When I approach dance holistically, I find that I become a better person


What’s currently playing on your iPod? Sylvan Esso


Favorite role danced so far? I have loved so many of the roles that I have been fortunate enough to perform in my career.  So far my favorite occurred last year, in John McFall’s world premiere Three.  I had the opportunity to join in the creative process more than I ever have.  In that piece, as one of the soloists, I was asked to perform my own role and to rehearse the role of the second soloist, a character that was the complete opposite of mine.  I loved the challenge that switching between roles gave me on and off the stage.


Craziest costume you had to wear? The craziest costume I have ever worn was a full on pig suit complete with a giant pig head that covered my entire head, hooves, and a fat suit.  Don’t forget the pointe shoes!


Most embarrassing moment onstage? I blanked on stage one time in my life, and it was bad.  Imagine the worst dance dream you’ve had and then multiply that by three.  I was on the Cobb Energy Centre stage performing a romantic duet when I totally spaced.  All choreography left my head completely.  I looked widely into my partner’s eyes (also my boyfriend at the time) to clue him in, and suddenly, because of that look, he forgot what he was doing too.  After a while of improvisation on both of our parts, I remembered that a big upside down lift came next.  I thought we locked eyes in full understanding, so went I for it.  Apparently he wasn’t ready.  So I fell; butt sky high and face to the ground.  Yeah, it was a mess.  To make matters worse, what did I do?  Stood up, ran my hands through my hair, and grunted at him. 

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