Meet the 2015 Panama team: Annabelle Dura


Annabelle Dura, Austin TX

We actually met Annabelle through instagram! After we reposted her photo, she asked how she could get involved. Annabelle organized a White Umbrella screening and discussion panel at Southwestern University and we're excited to have her dancing with us. 

Follow her on Twitter @annabelledura and Instagram @annasbanana123



what’s currently playing on your iPod? I fell in love with the song Trap Queen by Fetty Wap and recently learned some youtube choreo by Matt Steffanina to it and I love it!! I also really love jamming to T-Swift in the car. And my most recent addition to my itunes library is “Of the Night” by Bastill 


why do you dance? I've always had a dancing heart. I loved to move to music since I could walk. Dancing is an escape for me from everyday worries, stresses and struggles. I dance to get things off my mind but I also dance to celebrate. I celebrate life, accomplishments, and everyday joys through dance. More recently I used dance to work through things I couldn't do with words. And emotions I couldn't face in the real world. I was able to tell a story I could never tell any other way. 


what advice do you have for younger dancers? Never forget why you dance. It’s the passion a dancer has that makes her great, technique can be taught and learned, passion can’t.


craziest costume you had to wear? Well the ugliest thing I had to wear was for a college performance and we wore those white muscle tanks you buy at walmart for little boys, black jazz pants and jazz shoes and a makeshift clown bow ties attached my a safety pin. 

most embarrassing moment onstage? My last dance recital at my studio, I had a really REALLY quick , quick change and ended up running onstage and performing the whole dance with the wrong colored tights and my lyrical costume on backwards! 

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