Meet the 2015 Panama team: Rebekah Diaddigo


Rebekah Diaddigo
, Atlanta GA

Rebekah is our founder and fearless leader. Apart from organizing all things Bluebird, she dances for the Proia Dance Project and champions the next generation of artists at Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education as well as Still Pointe Dance Studios


What advice do you have for younger dancers? Pursue excellence but don't forget why you dance. Refine your technique to the best of your ability by consistently and quickly applying corrections. Always giving 110% is a quality that goes beyond the walls of the studio. In the midst of hard work, find the joy. Celebrate the gift of dance and explore ways to give it back in developing your artistry. 

hoto: Kayla Johnson

Craziest costume you had to wear? hmm, well, I've had to wear a lot of mob caps (nurse, maid, sur la plage, nurse again). I had CRAZY makeup with a fake hairy mole and huge wig for Stepmother in Cinderella. Or there was that time where we wore shapeless dresses made of silver sequins as nymphs (we kinda felt like disco balls though). 

most embarrassing moment onstage? I can't think of anything terribly embarrassing. I'm short so I've tripped over a fair amount of skirts that were too long. You just have to take performances for what they are, live in the moment, and leave what happens on the stage, on the stage instead of dwelling on the negatives.

"I'm excited about this trip because in an industry that's generally selfish and all about the dancers, this is an opportunity to use our gifts to serve." 

photo: Mary Caroline Russell 

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