uncaged: Live

Uncaged: live indiegogo

Bluebird: uncaged is planning on producing two live performances. One during our third uncaged adventure to Panama Central America and another here in Atlanta as we continue the tradition of Uncaged Christmas. 

We’ve been blessed with these unique opportunities and can’t wait to tackle them. Unfortunately, these opportunities cost money. The estimated cost for venue rental and crew compensation for our remaining productions is approximately $6000.

We believe that Bluebird: uncaged exists to bring light into the darkness and we want to partner with you to help make that happen. This is an all skate for the Bluebird: uncaged community—We realize that not everyone is gifted to be a dancer or choreographer but all of us have been given financial resources and some sort of social media platform. In partnering with us through this indiegogo campaign, you’ll help defray the hard costs for our live productions both in Panama and Uncaged Christmas in Atlanta. 

Click here to partner with us



Uncaged: live indiegogo campaign from Bluebird: uncaged on Vimeo.

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