NYC uncaged adventure recap

We had a blast in NYC last weekend. Here are a few highights. 

Shout out to Lori for carving some space with us during our mini-workshop!

It was so much fun to teach K and 3rd grade at an elementary school in Harlem. We talked about telling stories with our bodies (and without words) and building each other up. Thank you to Ms. Panzica for the invite! 


Friday kicked off Project Dance NYC 2015! We stuffed goody bags, assembled gifts, and picked up dinner for everyone. Sidenote: guacamole is heavy.


Saturday was an all day concert in Times Square. It was beautiful to see outward expressions of gratitude bring hope to a city. We debuted a new piece, Known. Click here for a video. 


Sunday we wrapped up with master classes alongside 300+ young artists and headed home Monday morning. Click here to see ALL of our photos.


Thanks so much for all of your encouragement and prayers. We believe what happened last weekend will continue to ripple throughout eternity. 

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