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Meet the 2014 Panama team: Rachael Hulse

Rachael Hulse is a recent graduate of University of Missouri, Kansas City and is headed to Austin TX next year to join Verge Dance Company. She danced with us in the Passion 2014 opener and her teeny tiny bit of fluency in Spanish saved us more than once on last year's adventure. Rachael's strong but go-with-the-flow countenance balances the team out. visit Rachael's website and follow her on instagram @rth123.
Q. Why do you dance?
A. I love to dance, and that has grown and matured over time, but so has the connection I discovered between my faith and dance.  One can survive without the other, but then dance would not have a purpose for me, and my faith would not be something I lived out and fought for everyday. 

Q. If you were a super hero, what would your power be?
A. Underwater breathing!

Panama Photo 3
Q. What has been your favorite role to dance?
A. Scar from the Lion King. Playing the evil lion is always fun 🙂
Q. What's your favorite Dairy Queen blizzard flavor? 
A.  Mint ice cream with Oreos and brownies!
Q. What advice do you have for younger dancers?
A. keep yourselves healthy. Always strive to do things correctly so that you can protect your body for the long run.  The results you want to achieve will be reached if you practice them correctly, and while it might take a little longer, your body will be able to maintain it, and it will thank you for it. 
"…[this trip] is the epitome of my faith and my passion coming together as one."  

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