Meet the 2014 Panama team: Daley Kappenman

Originally from Alabama, Daley Kappenman is a recent graduate of University of Missouri, Kansas City and is headed to Atlanta next year to start her professional career. Known as Silencer for her quiet demeanor, she's an expert selfie taker and adds a calming strength to the team. Daley danced with Bluebird in the Passion 2014 opener and this is her second adventure. Follow her on instagram @day_lilies 


Q. What is your favorite DQ blizzard flavor?
A. Cookie Jar (Oreos and cookie dough)! Its not on the menu, but if you ask for it they'll know what you mean.


Q. Why do you dance? 
A. I started dancing because I simply loved it. I still love to dance, but I think have stuck with it because I have seen what a powerful force it is.  It speaks to people in a very different way, and can reach those who would otherwise turn away.



My favorite dance memory is of performing my senior solo, "From now on", chorographed by my friend Molly Wagner Gregory. All I wanted when I was on stage was to "give it away". I gave the dance to God as an offering of praise and thanks for giving me a passion for dance and a calling to use it for his glorification. And I gave it to my family as a thank you for all their support and encouragement through the years of pursuing that passion, and now that calling.

Q. If you were a super hero, what would your power be?

A. flight. I've been traveling a lot lately and it would be great to be able to just jet from place to place… or just dance in the clouds!


Q. What advice do you have for younger dancers?

A. First, be yourself. There is no one else like you, and you have something beautiful and unique to offer. As a dancer, sometimes this can be the hardest lesson to learn and remember. Second, be a sponge. Absorb every correction you hear and watch your peers and older dancers as they work on steps, and give them a try yourself. Some corrections might not work for you, but who knows, one day it might be the thing that makes everything click!  

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