Mentoring-Forging positive relationships that honor, encourage, and challenge people in their unique story

Remember when you were little and you always looked up to the “big kids?” Remember the one that always took the time to say hello or put your hair up, or help you with choreography? Don’t we all wish we had someone like that to help us through life? Did you ever think that you could be a “big kid” to someone else? 

We realize being an artist can be a lonely journey–but it doesn’t have to be traveled alone. We believe that, along with community, mentorship is integral to our growth and development as artists.

We all need someone to listen to our crazy ideas, send us texts that make us smile, and talk us through a melt down. We realize the importance of being vulnerable and the need for accountability to stay focused. Bluebird addresses the desire for a mentor by creating environments to connect younger artists with those more experienced who can offer wisdom and encouragement. 


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