Collectivea community of artists dedicated to pursuing excellence while exploring and sharing creativity in an encouraging atmosphere.

Creative nights 

A lot of us just need some space to dance–uninhibited, without having to worry about who's watching, the right technique, etc. And we need the freedom to remember the real joy that comes from dancing. 

Bluebird: uncaged seeks to bring hope and dignity through dance. These monthly creative nights seek to create environments for artists to become free and confident their identity. The goal is to build community and provide a creative outlet outside of a formal dance institution. 

We will start out with a warm-up and then move on to improv, choreography and discussion. The idea is to explore new ideas/concepts, learn and collaborate in an encouraging atmosphere. Creative Nights also serve as a laboratory for the creative process by providing eager dancers and encouraging + constructive peer feedback to works in progress. 


The Bluebird community is open to any and all advanced dancers 18 and older. Feel free to invite friends who might be interested. 
Come adventurous. Bring your ideas. Share your story. Dance in freedom. 


Check back for more information about our next creative night!


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