Victoria Canal’s City Shoes Music Video

Last month, some of our team had the opportunity to be involved with Victoria Canal's latest music video. Check it out!



Director of Photography: Marcelo Pancote
Primary Editor: Mary Caroline Russell
First Assistant: Daniela Bacchim
Color Grading: Marcelo Pancote

Makeup Artist: Claudia Verduzco
Assistant: Becca Whittinghill
Choreographer: Rebekah Diaddigo
Dancers: Rebekah Diaddigo, Nayomi Van Brunt, Jillian Mitchell, Jessica Guda, Ransom Wilkes-Davis


Breaking Free



Breaking Free from Bluebird: uncaged on Vimeo.


Truth–> identity. confidence. freedom 

The second installment of the Beautiful Things Project discusses choosing to believe the Truth about our identity. When we know He defines us–not our family, not the mirror, not our past, not our weaknesses, not our sin, not other people's opinions, not the cast list or pay scale–we have a humble confidence. And in that confidence is freedom to be the person we were made to be.

{2 Corinthians 3}

Music: William Hunt 
Editing: Caleb Diaddigo