Audition Season 2020!

Thinking about all of you making decisions about where you might be tying your pointe shoes this summer and/or next season. My heart is with you all. I know it’s a huge roller coaster of a journey full of courage and unknowns.

If you’re in the midst of audition season, may you dance in the confidence of knowing your worth comes from the One who created you for a specific purpose. May you let Him choreograph your steps on this life adventure.

Remember the Bigger Story.

Keep in mind that every “no” is just confirmation of a path you weren’t supposed to take. TRUST that He knows where He wants to use you to further the Kingdom. I know it’s hard. It’s refining. It’s trading your dreams for His. But know that His dreams never disappoint when you find your delight in Him. Because in Jesus is abundant life.

Have fun and know that I’m praying for you!

Don’t hesitate to reach out here or via DM on insta if you need to talk!

much love,

PS- click here for a few audition tips.

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