white umbrella

White Umbrella update

November 3rd–the anticipated day to release White Umbrella.

We had an amazing release party on Saturday night. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came out (especially Matt Armstrong, Love Gives Way and Molly representing Wellspring). You made it so so special.

White Umbrella


This project was a beautiful example of teamwork and these guys need to be honored:

Caleb Diaddigo — you always blow our minds with your creativity, patience, and storytelling.

Todd Locke — you audibly told the story with clarity and beauty

Dancers: Abigail Tan-Gamino with Alison Caspersen, Imani Joseph, Daley Kappenman, Carrie Petrak, Lauren Sherwood — y'all brought this piece to life. Grateful for your willing hearts.

Joshua Diaddigo — you just have that artistic eye

Grayson Arias — your gear and footage take us to another level

our Indiegogo funders — you provided the resources to produce a film with a level of excellence

Daniel and Kelle Diaddigo — you've believed in Bluebird from the start and are always our biggest cheerleaders and wisdom speakers.

Stacy Murphy, Lisa Harding, Cookie Underground — you keep us fueled with yummy refreshments and are always willing to lend a hand.

Still Pointe Studios & Atlanta Ballet for providing rehearsal space.

Mary Frances Bowley and Wellspring Living — incredibly grateful for your inspiration, courage, and the way you put conviction into action while restoring the lives of trafficking survivors in Atlanta.


White Umbrella


With that being said, you've probably noticed that we have not posted a video yet. Upon seeing the final edit at the premiere on Saturday, it was suggested we enter several film festivals. In order to do so, we've decided to postpone the online release of White Umbrella to a later date.

Thank you, thank you to everyone who's cheered for this project in one way or another, you are incredibly appreciated and do not go unnoticed. Keep tracking with us and we'll keep you updated (make sure you're signed up for the webletter ;-).

Rebekah Diaddigo

White Umbrella

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