Uncaged Adventures

Panama 2014 recap pt. 2

Upon returning to Panama City, we spent the next few days performing for academic schools in the mornings and teaching ballet + modern in the evenings. 

Happy 108th anniversary IPA!

An absolute honor to dance Jesus stories at Instituto Comercial–a public school

The students at Escuela de Danza Teresa Mann are so hard-working and committed to excellence. A joy to teach.

And the students at Ballet Adorad have a love of dance that's contagious

It was also a super treat to take class with the National Ballet of Panama

Special thanks to Paola and Genesis from Ballet Adorad, the National Ballet, Myriam from the Teresa Mann School for being so welcoming. Y'all are beautiful and so fun to dance with. Looking forward to collaborating more next year. 


click here for ALL our photos

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