Summer intensive tips Pt. 3

Congratulations on surviving audition season and deciding on where to spend your summer training! Whether it’s your first intensive or fiftieth, here are a few things we wish we had known before we went away for the summer. Know that we're cheering you on and praying for you. As always, if you have any questions or thing you might want to add to the list, feel free to drop us a line here 


write your name in ALL items you would like to return home with. My mom had little name stickers printed for my first summer away and I still put them in my favorite leotards.  

Follow the rules–respect your counselors, curfews, room inspections, lights out, hall meetings, etc. These are put in place so that everyone can have a safe, enjoyable, well-organized, fun summer of learning and getting better at dancing. Even if you’ll be 18 the day after the program ends respect the boundaries put in place for minors. It’s not worth being sent home for a stupid choice outside of the studio.  

If you’re interested in staying year-round, let someone know. This starts to develop a relationship and allows the leadership to assess you more closely.  

Have fun! Choose to have fun. Even if you were put in a level you think is way below you, you hate your roommate, there’s no air conditioning, character class is 3 times a week and partnering only every other, the food is gross, outings are lame, and you have to wear a pea green leotard, remember you’re there for a reason. You can learn from any circumstance. Choose to make the best of it. 


You, my dear young artists, are the future. May you soak up this time of learning with eagerness and teachability. May you seek to encourage your fellow dancers and hone your artistry with a genuineness that speaks louder than words. In the mundaneness of every tendu, may you hone your craft with excellence. Most of all we pray Jesus shines brightly through you as He clarifies dreams and draws hearts to Himself. 



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