white umbrella

White Umbrella phase 2

Dear friends,
Most of you are familiar with Bluebird: uncaged’s mission to bring hope and dignity through dance as well as the channels through which we put actions behind our words (workshops, adventures, live performances, and multimedia). 

Our most recent work, White Umbrella, has been an amazing journey. The creative process with Caleb, Todd, and the dancers was a complete display of God’s faithfulness. The premiere of White Umbrella at Dance Upon Injustice was a huge milestone for us in that we were able to use relevant and redemptive art to combat human trafficking. But we believe this is just the beginning.

White Umbrella has the potential to be a force for good; to speak hope and life to hearts and to bring restoration to trafficking survivors

This summer we are creating a cinematic trilogy of the White Umbrella to be released online in the fall. Tomorrow, May 14, Bluebird: uncaged will launch a 45 day indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the project. Anything over our goal of $7500, as well as the finished product will be donated to Wellspring Living. 

It’s both exciting and scary at the same time and we need your help. Statistically a crowdfunding campaign is more likely to meet its goal when 25% of the funds are raised in the first 5 days. More details tomorrow but would you consider giving within the next few days to kickstart this project? 

Grateful for each one of you! Thank you for being on this journey with Bluebird: uncaged.


Rebekah Diaddigo

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