Uncaged Adventures

Bluebird: uncaged is going international!!

This year, Bluebird will be serving the local dance community in Panama! In partnership with YWAM, Panama City, we will be organizing workshops that will culminate in an arts festival. 

We are looking for humble, servant hearted, other-centered, professional level, classically trained dancers who want to use their skills and art for the greater good while joining their smaller story with a BIG one.

  • must have a strong ballet base (including pointe work for ladies)
  • some contemporary/modern experience required
  • choreographic and teaching experience is recommended
  • strong artistry/performance quality
  • must be 18 by July 1st, 2013 and have a valid passport

When: Training: Atlanta, GA July 21-25
          Adventure: Panama City, July 25-August 6

Cost: $1500

During the week of training Bluebird dancers will:
    -prepare spiritually for the two weeks ahead
    -learn rep (includes setting choreography on peers to perform in Panama)
    -teach/take class from each other 
    -develop curriculum for workshops in Panama
    -develop confidence in the freedom of their identity as an artist

In Panama Bluebird dancers will:
    -serve/love on the local community and invite them into a BIGGER story   
    -teach workshop classes
    -if not teaching, you will take class with the students
    -be available to encourage and mentor the students
    -perform Bluebird rep at the festival and other outreach venues
    -take class, perform, and collaborate with local artists 

  • Email any questions to rebekah [at] bluebirduncaged.com


Audition information

Please email the following as a packet (it is acceptable if the letters of recommendation come separately) to rebekah [at] bluebirduncaged.com  

  • Application answering these questions: (Download Uncaged Panama 2013 application
    -Name, date of birth, phone number, email 
    -why do you dance? In a paragraph or two, tell us your story
    -what are your current technical goals?
    -what are your current artistic goals?
    -what are your current spiritual goals?
    -why are you interested in going to Panama with Bluebird?
    -Anything else you'd like to tell us
  • resume outlining the following:
    -performance experience
    -choreographic and teaching experience
    -special skills
  • photos
    -full body dance photo
  • two letters of recommendation* 
    -one from a mentor or close friend
    -one from a dance teacher/artistic staff

*have them email us directly: rebekah [at] bluebirduncaged.com

  • video link* including (YouTube or Vimeo only please)
    -at least 5 minutes of dancing either in performance or in the studio.
    -preferably include classical, contemporary, class work, and/or improvisation 
    -pointe work is required for ladies
    -any samples of your choreographic work

*This video should not be the cause of stress. Most of all we need to be able to clearly see your technique and artistry. Also, professional quality videography is not required a steady hand with a digital camera is fine. :-) 

**Artists in the Atlanta area may be able to set up an in person audition. Email us for more details.