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Happy Harvest!

Fall fifth 2  Photo by Ballet Zaida © 2012 Oliver Endahl


Happy Harvest! The weather gets crisper and the leaves enjoy their last moments of beauty before falling to the ground. You break out the boots on the way to the theatre and wear your scarf for most of barre. Hot tea in a thermos replaces ice water before morning class. Nutcracker music wafts between the studios and you wonder if maybe this is the year you've been dreaming about.

As we begin to gear up for the busy season ahead, may we take the time to find stillness. May you remember to be present and never so caught up in your routine or comfort zone that you miss the people around you. Know that your worth is not determined by your role on the cast list or how many shows you're in. May you live each moment in confidence and thankfulness as you begin reap the rewards of this year's hard work.

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