Beautiful Pt. 3: Caitlin’s thoughts

I used to think that beautiful meant looking like a Barbie doll. Having perfect teeth, hair, and skin tone. That is what Hollywood taught me. It's what I saw on billboards, music videos, and magazine covers. But I don't believe that to be true any longer. 
Beauty is deeper than the layers of epidermis and the way your bones are structured. No one can live up to photoshop. God didn't create us to look that way. Or perhaps He did and the Fall of Man ruined our chances. I'm not going to wax theological because I don't know the answer and there are some things that should remain a mystery. 
The adage that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is true. 
Everyone has a different standard of beauty. There are universal elements to be sure but we know that everyone finds their sweetheart to be the most lovely person on the earth. The first child is the most adorable. Our heart often influences the way we view the world and those in it. 

I've seen women fall in love with men whose looks I would never put faith in. Men fall in love with women who don't look anything like a model. Yet, they glow. When they marry, they are radiant. Love changes them. Gives them a confidence, a sense of security, that allows their inner beauty to shine radiant. 
Beauty can be fragile. It can be fierce. It can be a great many things. But in the end, it is no stronger than the heart that views it.
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This is a response to a previous post and is part of the Beautiful Things Project. What does beautiful mean to you? Feel free to join our conversation either in the comments, by email, or on your own blog. We'd love to hear what you think.


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