Beautiful Pt. 2: Hannah’s thoughts

Beautiful is God's pardon to the world. He could have made everything terrible, but He chose not to. He gave us a little reminder of Himself, and that life isn't so bad – even the hardest parts. Beauty is pure and unprecedented. When we say something is beautiful, we mean it. Whether it be about music, a person, or food (or anything for that matter), the word "beautiful" is not used in a light sense if we know the true feeling and meaning of it. Even people who do not believe there is a God know that "beautiful" means something different. Beautiful can be an attitude, an action, or a feeling. It's the light at the end of the tunnel, and the illuminated trees in the forest. Beautiful is creation. Beautiful is creativity making it's path through a deprived world. Beauty is also achoice. It is the opposite of bitterness. When you choose rightly, you choose beauty. Life is beautiful because we have hope and second chances. People are beautiful because God made them in His image. God is beautiful for reasons we will never understand on this earth. But our job is not to try and figure it out, it's to be thankful that God loved us enough to not let us be completely affected by our surroundings when we are in Him, and that we might see His beauty at work in our lives.Beautiful is God's gift to the world.

Hannah blogs at The Color of Thought

This is a response to a previous post and part of the Beautiful Things Project. What does beautiful mean to you? Feel free to join our conversation either in the comments, by email, or on your own blog. We'd love to hear what you think.


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