the beginning of a crazy adventure

One step is all it takes…oftentimes that’s the hardest part. 

Over the past two years, God has planted a dream in my heart. Really the process has been beautiful because it was during what seemed to be hardest and most stressful times that He really shaped and clarified the vision. 

Last year, I decided to start making the dream a reality. I spent the year clarifying goals, imagining, writing and rewriting mission statements and core values–basically formulating a precise idea. 

But that’s all it was–an idea in my head with some words on a page to make it sound legit

Originally I thought this dream was going to have to wait a while to be fulfilled. But God kept saying, “Do it now. Why wait?” So I took the first real step on the journey. (everything else was just preparation and packing)

I verbalized my dream to someone outside my family…and we prayed. Truthfully, it was scary. Now, I had accountability. For someone who likes to hide behind her written words and not present things until they’re “perfect” to be vulnerable enough to throw out a crazy idea was freeing and humbling. 

Now, I had to follow through. We identified some steps to put action behind the words and started up the trail on the adventure. A few weeks later we started our first project–and God took care of the details.  

After that first meeting, it was like I had pushed myself down a water slide; things just fell into place and I was along for the ride. I know the road is not always going to be as smooth as it has been but what’s ahead is worth it and I’m excited to see what happens next. But there’s no turning back. The adventure has begun. And all it took was one brave, little, step.


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