Welcome to our new site!


Welcome to the new and improved BluebirdUncaged.com! We’ve had an eventful 2018 so far and are super excited about what’s coming next! Stay tuned right here for a recap of our Free 2 Fly Tour, info about our new Artist Development Program, Uncaged Community week 2018, and of course Uncaged Christmas!!! Keep dancing and shining!


Covid resources

Hi friends!

I’m compiling a list of resources to help keep the global dance community encouraged, in shape, and employed during COVID-19.

Drop me a comment through the contact page if you have any ideas/links for the following (bonus points if they are free of charge):

  • online classes for students
  • at home cross training
  • temporary work from home jobs
  • other ideas

I’ll be updating the Bluebird Uncaged website each day and have some fun ideas for us all to come together as a community.

I know we are ALL affected emotionally, financially, and relationally by this pandemic. Now is the time to be team players and share our gifts + resources. As the saying says, “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain” Let’s dance! #uncagedcommunity

much love, Rebekah

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The Creative Process behind Sterling’s Path pt. 2



Sterling's Path is a collaboration between several artists. We wanted to create an experience integrating dance, multimedia, story, and audio that sparks the imagination and engages the viewer beyond a typical "performance." We hope our audience walks away deeply inspired to be agents of Hope within their spheres of influence.

Choreographically, I want the dancers to be visible music so that's what usually drives by process. Stylistically, I come from a classical background but like to incorporate non-traditional shapes or weight changes. I also want all of my dancers to be comfortable within the roles they are performing and seek to highlight their strong points.  -Rebekah Diaddigo, artistic director and choreographer 


Coming 12.2.17 — click here for more information about Uncaged Christmas! 

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The Creative Process Behind Sterling’s Path pt. 1


First and foremost, Sterlings' Path is a story about Hope — hope that may seem at times elusive, but is at no time lost. The story traces the quest of a girl who sees the essence of things; that is, she senses there is more than her world is offering and she must overcome the fear that chases her from within and an evil dragon that stalks  her from the sky.

Sterling's story is our story. In our darkest moments, when we are most aware, we long for Hope, for Someone to rescue us from the Shadows and the Dragon.

The inspiration for Sterling's Path came from Christian Scripture, some well told fairytales and a girl I once knew who grew up to become a wonderful Lady full of hope. ~Daniel C. Diaddigo, Executive Producer 

12.2.17 click here for more info!

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Uncaged Christmas 2017!!


Promo: Uncaged Christmas 2017 from Bluebird Uncaged on Vimeo.

We know it's only the end of October but we've got the holidays on our minds! We're excited to be presenting Uncaged Christmas again as a benefit performance for City of Refuge

Save the date: December 2, 2017
Uncaged Christmas is a story about one girl’s journey to hope. To rid the town from the curse of a powerful dragon, Sterling must free a magical bird named Nadiyah. Sterling’s path leads her into battle against the shadows that chase her from within and the dragon that hunts her from the sky.
Check out uncagedchristmas.com for more info. 
And RSVP to the Facebook event to let us know you're coming! 

More updates coming later but for now, a very, very, very, early Merry Christmas to you and yours. :-)